Culture Of Conflict – Part 2

Bridging those really sticky situations Listening can be more tiring than talking. Yet it is listening and listening well that builds stronger and healthier relationships. Even positive and constructive relationships can be riddled by tension and conflict.   Sometimes these can be interpersonal, but they may be indicative of systemic, structural or cultural difficulties. Nine Steps […]

Culture of Conflict

Part 1 How much energy is lost squabbling or mired by tension?  We may not be aware but conflict and evolving events can create their own culture.  Disputes can become personal, dissent can be acted out in public and energy may be dissipated by situations spiralling out of control.  In my work I have seen […]

The Emerging Normal

The new normal has made us more conscious of the need to pay attention. The emergence of developments is shaping that new normal. A strategic frame must intentionally and purposefully recognise the fast pace of change and high levels of uncertainty.