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Dealing with governance, leadership and management issues.

Tesse Akpeki is passionate about working with organisations, groups and individuals to achieve their highest potential and to create futures that make a difference.

Tesse Akpeki is the Director of Tesse  Akpeki Associates  Limited. A consultant, coach facilitator, trainer and relationship development adviser works internationally, nationally, regionally and locally. She is lead consultant for Onboard, the Governance Development Programme run by Bates, Wells Braithwaite LLP.

Tesse has delivered services to household names such as  Independent Age, The Brooke, Penny Appeal,  Lloyds of London charities, Jubilee Campaign and Westway Trust to name a few.  In Tesse’s words, “there is nothing like the joy of working with organisations to create and implement  change that makes a difference.”

For nine years Tesse was Head of the Trustee and Governance Team at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) where she developed a passion for working with infrastructure and umbrella groups. These days, Tesse applies her appreciation of emotional, social intelligence, organisational development and group dynamic approaches to the work she undertakes. Transformation has resulted from a blend of diverse mindsets, up to date thinking and the application of innovative frameworks to practical challenges.

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“Thank you again Tesse for all your work on our governance review. We felt sustained over a full year and we have moved to another level in our governance development.” (Chair, Governance Committee of an International Non-Governmental Organisation)

‘We would like to say how much we enjoyed working with Tesse and it would be great if we could continue with her.’
Co Chairs, Community Development Organisation

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