How to Engage your Trustees with Social Media

Charity trustee boards don’t always see social media as an essential communications tool. The use of social media in organisations over the last few years has grown dramatically among charity staff and trustees, according to Onboard’s report Governing with Intent. But even with this growth, social media is not high on the boardroom agenda. According […]

Make Minutes Count

The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) has published a new guidance note on minute taking.   The guidance rather than being prescriptive is principle based offering suggestions that are tailored to each organisation.   The purpose of minutes is to provide an accurate, impartial and balanced internal record of the business transacted at a meeting. […]

The Culture of Conflict – Part 2

Bridging those really sticky situations We have two ears and one mouth.  In listening well we can build stronger, sustainable and healthier relationships.  Why listening can be more tiring than talking? Even positive and constructive relationships can be riddled by tension and conflict.   These can be interpersonal,  indicative of systemic, structural,  cultural difficulties or a […]

The Culture of Conflict – Part 1

How much energy is lost squabbling or mired by tension? We may not be aware but conflict and evolving events can create their own culture. Disputes can become personal, dissent can be acted out in public and energy may be dissipated by situations spiralling out of control. Conflicts can be costly relationally and financially. They […]

Influencing Others by Influencing Ourselves

I have been reflecting on the awesome work of William Ury,  co-author of the classic bestseller on negotiation ‘ Getting to Yes ’ and author of ‘ Getting past No ‘. William notes that the Three “ahas” or discoveries that have been life changing: 1. The power of a guiding question:  a guiding question that remains […]

The 5 P’s of Facilitation

Facilitation is defined as ‘ to make easy’  but is the role of a facilitator easy?   I think not.   Skilled, rewarding and fulfilling absolutely yes! Easy ? A resounding  no! However, if the facilitation process helps the group or team to achieve more clarity or come up with tangible results –  it can be absolute […]

Governing in a Changing Landscape

Our Changing Landscape Is it not all change at the moment? There is no predicting what will happen from day to day – the ebbs and flow of events are showing up like something out of a fiction novel.  We think it is a dream and are consistently reminded that it is reality – our […]

More Effective Leadership

The Impact of Time to Think for more Effective Leadership In today’s fast moving environment we hardly have time to think or even breathe! Decisions can be made quickly with very little discussion, deliberation or debate. However decisions that have a big impact and long term consequences need more space for consideration, intentionality and purposefulness. […]

Where Is the Love?

Four Simple Tips to Telling our Story It was a wonderful experience attending the will i am concert.  What stood out for me the most was how he shared his noble goal.   One of the goals he shares is to support young people across the world, particularly those who could do with a platform, an […]