Building new communities, encouraging inclusion and engagement.

Our facilitation offer is unique, encouraging  curiousity, inquiry and creating  a space where people can have conversations that matter to them.

Safe places, Safe spaces

I bring a blend of skills and attributes.  I apply an empathetic style, underpinned by knowledge, expertise, wisdom and insight leavened with fun which makes facilitation sessions lively and thought provoking.   Connection and interconnections are significant and hosting conversations provides the safety and space to explore relationships and build trust. I bring my whole self on the journey. I take people along with me as they discover what matters to them and to their organisations and communities.

Exploring issues to arrive at solutions

I am able to see to the heart of the issue and get people working together constructively, delivered with humour, kindness, sensitivity  and verve.  Clients feel comfortable to work through the sometimes challenging situations they need to confront.  I also hold the space for teams, boards and groups to develop and review their strategy, invite feedback, consult on matters, evaluate their performance and celebrate success.  I am able to construcitively and diplomatically challenge clients inviting them to explore decision-making processes.  This enables them to deconstruct and reconstruct processes that may have been ineffective.

Calm, focused and empathetic

I treat people with respect and dignity no matter what positions they hold in life or in organisations.  My expertise in behaviours twinned with my expertise relating to governance and leadership concepts helps me to bridge the gap between  theory and practice, bringing a practical slant to the journey.

“Tesse never fails to move a room – a truly gifted facilitator who gets results.  I have seen her take groups from impasse to breakthrough in a single afternoon.   She is a true professional who gets results in her own unique style and spares nothing in her efforts to do all she can for her clients.” Marta Maretich,  Freelance Writer and Communication Strategist.

Listen to an audio clip of Tesse describing how she works as a facilitator.

How facilitation can benefit your organisation, board, staff and volunteers.

  • Clarify your vision, set clear goals and clarify your focus and purpose
  • Set stretch targets and design a successful framework
  • Shape learning goals
  • Renew your commitments
  • Set the tone and style for communication
  • Encourage creativity and innovation
  • Strengthen resilience and boost your emotional intelligence
  • Achieve real and sustainable results

Facilitation Services on offer:

  • Training using facilitation skills
  • Facilitated discussions to develop strategy
  • Facilitation approaches that build teams
  • Working through problems and conflicts – hosting difficult and challenging discussions
  • Frameworks to encourage problem solving and to encourage divergent thinking (ie coming up with the greatest number of possible solutions to the problem)
  • Training for facilitators and coaches
  • Relationship building techniques.