Facilitation Services

Building new communities and encouraging communities of interest.

Our facilitation services encourage curiousity and create a space where people can have conversations that matter to them.


“Firstly, a huge thank you for the energy and enthusiasm you bought to our International Governance session at our Advisory Council meeting on Monday. You did exactly what I was hoping, you followed the theme of the day and engaged people in some great discussion, as we flexed the agenda along the way.  We hope to take the necessary steps to put improvements in place in a structured way.  It would be good to have your perspective on how we might achieve it.”  ( CEO, International Non-Governmental Organisation – September 2017 )

Thank you for an excellent training day – extremely helpful and informative (Fundraising Coach and Mentor)

Thank you Tesse for an excellent course – very worth while attending (Field Director & Trustee)


“We were able to have open and honest conversations that enabled us to put the past behind us and to move with confidence into an uncertain future. We were able to do so because we had more trust in each other having laid our cards on the table” (Chair)

“Thanks very much for your facilitation of the Board away day. People were really engaged and your insights were very helpful. We came out with some positive actions for the session on adding value as trustees”.   (Chief Executive)

It was really important to have aired issues around partnership and governance (Chief Executive)

Listen to an audio clip of Tesse describing how she works as a facilitator.

How facilitation can benefit your organisation, board, staff and volunteers.

  • Clarify your vision, set clear goals and clarify your focus and purpose
  • Set stretch targets and design a successful framework
  • Shape learning goals
  • Renew your commitments
  • Set the tone and style for communication
  • Encourage creativity and innovation
  • Strengthen resilience and boost your emotional intelligence
  • Achieve real and sustainable results

Facilitation Services on offer:

  • Training using facilitation skills
  • Facilitated discussions to develop strategy
  • Facilitation approaches that build teams
  • Working through problems and conflicts – hosting difficult and challenging discussions
  • Frameworks to encourage problem solving and to encourage divergent thinking (ie coming up with the greatest number of possible solutions to the problem)
  • Training for facilitators and coaches
  • Relationship building techniques.