Where Is the Love?

Where is the Love Tesse Akpeki

Four Simple Tips to Telling our Story

It was a wonderful experience attending the will i am concert.  What stood out for me the most was how he shared his noble goal.   One of the goals he shares is to support young people across the world, particularly those who could do with a platform, an opportunity to succeed.  Tears came into my eyes when he shared his experience of seeing communities change by young people doing better, achieving higher goals and bringing happier times into the areas in which they live.   I reflected on the power of his story it was simple, passionate, focused and authentic.   It made the rendition of the Black Eye Peas song ‘where is the love’ even more impactful.

For us and our organisations we can achieve a higher impact by:

  1. Agreeing our key messages concisely and consistently
  2. Telling our stories honesty and authentically
  3. Finding and utilising our champions and ambassadors
  4. Sharing the power of change and transformation in whatever roles we find ourselves – either as staff, volunteers, trustees or donors.

Yes it really is all about sharing the love in whatever ways fit our situation and context.

“Don’t let failure go to your head and don’t let success go to your head”  Will Smith