In addition to leadership, governance, health and wellness , Tesse does podcasting and a host of other things. Tesse understands good governance going far beyond systems and processes. She addresses personal dynamics to improve board governance – probably the most complex and significant determinant of board effectiveness. Her highly personal and compassionate approach can help people see the most intractable situations in a new and better light and lead to better outcomes.


Still Celebrating

Adverse events have changed the way I look at winning and success.  Celebrating others and appreciating my fellow travellers in life have become more important than ever.  The killing of my beloved brother Tony who was a very special, very kind, extremely generous and a servant leader has led me with the essence of spending time with those we care about.  Also focusing on what matters is a an opportunity and a bonus.  This is why I am still celebrating after the Chartered Governance Awards 2021.

TesseTalks On Gratitude

Tesse was recently shortlisted for the Governance Champion of the Year : an award given to an individual who is a true ambassador for governance in everything they do, whether that is speaking out, nurturing fresh talent or simply embodying good governance.