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Friendship is never being alone. A friend is with you in the valleys and on the mountain top. Maybe you are that friend. Being listened to, seen, understood, appreciated and embraced are hallmarks of healthy sustainable relationships. Alan Williams, host of ValuesJam features Tesse Akpeki as a guest talking on Friendship.

ICM implemented the compassionate accountability framework designed by Tesse Akpeki, FCG as part of its governance mindset and system.  Tesse was excited to be a speaker at the annual OPEO Conference 2022 speaking on Governance and Leadership to the wonderful midwives of Portugal.  Fun insight – innovation and creativity is fuelled by given birth to ideas and incubating them to have impact in reality.    Fun fact, they absolutely love the British TV series, ‘Call the Midwives’ . What is there not to like!

Robust, Resilient and Ready; assessing and strengthening governance in charities and eduction (edited by Amy Wewill and Edward Wild)  brings together leaders and board members from across the charity and education sectors to focus on what good governance looks like and how to achieve it. This report combines insights into bold approaches to governance and its challenges from those managing and supporting charities, schools groups and universities.

Tesse Akpeki introduces the term emotional governance, describing the importance and significance of connection and nurturing relationships. Core building blocks are the board’s capacity to manage emotions,  develop empathy, build and sustain relations and trust.   Key  considerations are how the board succeeds in strengthening the organisation’s performance against the backdrop of conformance. 

The recruitment of charities trustees  and their ongoing development and support are well thought through and targeted.  The board knows the skills it requires and proactively attracts them from a broader pool.  Macro governing is achieved by the board stepping back from the day to day running of the organisation and creating the space to be strategic.  Applying compassionate governance and integrating digital platforms are a must in this ever changing  hybrid environment.   Contributions and expectations are clear, internal systems are effective and efficient.  Encouragement keeps things going even when storms are raging, uncertainty is beckoning and things are getting challenging. Read the report here.

Equity and Equality In Fundraising Leadership

 Gender, Equity in fundraising and any organisation must be intentional about creating leadership pipelines for women.  In this video, Kathy Rabon,  member of the AFP Women’s impact Initiative Committee, talks to Tesse Akpeki FCG, strategist and leadership coach about the concept of compassionate accountability and why it’s important to show support for yourself and to others.  

World Values Day event Governance and Values 21st October 2021

Please allow me to introduce you and thank you so much for your enthusiasm for this panel discussion about Governance and Values as part of the programme for World Values Day. The topic has certainly received attention recently with stories about KPMGRICS and others so fingers crossed for a good level of interest for the event.

The stimulating panel discussion hosted by Alan Williams took full advantage of the diverse and deep experience of our panel guests – Ed Mayo, Charlotte Valeur, Tesse Akpeki (Host TesseTalks)  and Pete Westall who provided such a wealth of open and honest insight.

The framework:  Questions for Discussion 

  • What does Governance mean (look/sound/feel like)?
  • How do you engage current and, perhaps more challengingly, potential future employees with governance principles and application as an integral part of their day to day work? 
  • Consider the function of a top down decision making body when you want to foster a can-do, bottom up culture. If you have to rely on governance what does this say about the way your values are being lived… or not?
  • What is the advice for leaders to avoid governance being seen as some sort of ‘exam’ that must be passed?
  • What are significant challenges to navigate in the governance and values space: the size and breadth of many organisations is one and another is the common focus on high performance and a results-based environment. So how do you ensure authenticity and consistency of both governance & values at all levels? 
  • When have you seen very good governance in practice?
  • The question of governance is often focussed on organisations and yet, in light of recent events, in US and elsewhere, what is the relevance of robust governance for nations’ governments and even governments collectively?
  • What are you encouraged to do differently about governance and values as a result of this  discussion?

What are the vital elements for building an effective team?


The HGA spotlight series is a three part segment that explores whether there is a team (as opposed to a group) in the board room.   Bill Musick. President of the Hospice Governance Academy (HGA) put the spotlight on Tesse Akpeki (FGA), Leadership and Governance Strategist and Podcaster, Tesse Talks.

Do you have a team in the boardroom touches on ways of dealing with uncertainty, how a coaching approach can create a safe place and space for dialogue and effective decision making in turbulent times.  Pivoting in an environment of change can build resilience and sustainability as organisations explore ways of leading and governing well.

Each segment is 10 minutes broken into smaller chunks that look at (i) governing for the future: governance and emergence (ii) governing with care, compassion and commitment (iii) building board culture while focusing on a team building and enhancing impact. 

Highlighted are the importance of a growth mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset). practical tools , resources, facilitative techniques, effective chairing  and self awareness in ensuring that there is good team working in the boardroom.

Segment 1 

Segment 2  

Segment 3  

Tesse has made  guest appearances  on several shows. One of them  is Job Searching Success. The link to all 3 sessions is listed below