Guest Appearances

What are the vital elements for building an effective team?


The HGA spotlight series is a three part segment that explores whether there is a team (as opposed to a group) in the board room.   Bill Musick. President of the Hospice Governance Academy (HGA) put the spotlight on Tesse Akpeki (FGA), Leadership and Governance Strategist and Podcaster, Tesse Talks.


Do you have a team in the boardroom touches on ways of dealing with uncertainty, how a coaching approach can create a safe place and space for dialogue and effective decision making in turbulent times.  Pivoting in an environment of change can build resilience and sustainability as organisations explore ways of leading and governing well.


Each segment is 10 minutes broken into smaller chunks that look at (i) governing for the future: governance and emergence (ii) governing with care, compassion and commitment (iii) building board culture while focusing on a team building and enhancing impact. 


Highlighted are the importance of a growth mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset). practical tools , resources, facilitative techniques, effective chairing  and self awareness in ensuring that there is good team working in the boardroom.

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Tesse has made  guest appearances  on several shows. Her latest one is Job Searching Success. The link to all 3 sessions is listed below