“It has been just wonderful to work with you again this year - we always have a torrent of amazing feedback every time you do a session. Thank you for being you.”

Penny Wilson – Chief Executive, Getting On Board,

We have been working with Tesse Akpeki on our Governance Review for a six to nine month period. This was the first time our Institute had been "externally audited" in this way and we were delighted with the outcome. Our whole board found it very helpful to have a view from such an expert as Tesse and the way she advised us on 'best practice' was invaluable. It has been a great pleasure working with Tesse during that time; her individual 'style' brought the best out of all members of our board during interview stage, and the final delivery of the review before the entire board was indeed to see a "tour de force" in action.

Clive Thompson, Deputy Chair, Institute of Risk Management,

“Firstly, a huge thank you for the energy and enthusiasm you bought to our International Governance session at our Advisory Council meeting on Monday. You did exactly what I was hoping, you followed the theme of the day and engaged people in some great discussion, as we flexed the agenda along the way. We hope to take the necessary steps to put improvements in place in a structured way. It would be good to have your perspective on how we might achieve it.”

CEO, International Non-Governmental Organisation,

“Thanks very much for your facilitation of the Board away day. People were really engaged and your insights were very helpful. We came out with some positive actions for the session on adding value as trustees”.

Chief Executive,

“We were able to have open and honest conversations that enabled us to put the past behind us and to move with confidence into an uncertain future. We were able to do so because we had more trust in each other having laid our cards on the table”


“I entered into the coaching relationship with Tesse to strengthen my executive skills. My friends tell me that they are experiencing me differently, so something must be seeping through. Thank you Tesse for your subtle, gentle and firm approach. I feel challenged and supported at the same time”.

Executive Director , Service Delivery Organisation,

“I’ve been working with Tesse on developing leadership skills. She’s an amazing and inspirational coach. In just a few sessions I’ve been able to identify areas for development and am already seeing great results in my work and home life. What’s more is that every session is great fun and I always leave feeling energised and motivated”.

Director, Marketing & member of the Senior Management Team,

“I had recently the opportunity to use Tesse’s coaching skills for my self. Her thoughtful and well structured coaching process, plus her innate intuition allowed me to clarify my own thoughts/feelings and put together a concrete actions plan. She was also able to mirror some of my difficulties that I wasn’t completely aware of. Tesse has definitively an ability to listen to people with empathy and perceive issues beyond the words. She’s also extremely persistent, which is a high quality for a coach. I sincerely recommend her.”

Carole Levy, Learning As Leadership USA, International

“Thank you again Tesse for all your work on our governance review. We felt sustained for over a full year and we have moved to another level in our governance development.”

Chair, Governance Committee of an International Non-Governmental Organisation, International

I have yet to thank you for your excellent presentation/training session last month, it was well received and I think opened up some very useful thoughts going forwards.

CEO of an Architects Charity,

“Excellent facilitation, presentation of OHPs and workshopping. Very respectful and engaging with whole group” … “Well structured, enthusiastic” … “Good discussion and leadership”.

Feedback from the local MIND Good Trusteeship,

Thank you so much for last night. Everyone was totally on task and the enthusiasm was palpable. For the first time I felt that we were really ready to work as a team. Interestingly no one wanted to dash off at the end and some of them had journeys home of over an hour! Well done!

Chair of a small Charity,

Thank you for your energy and contributions. You brought a really human and fun dimension to the subject

, Executive Director of a Charity

The Facilitator skills were excellent. She had good content. Her management of time and encouraging interaction with the participants was excellent

DSC Partnership between Trustees and Managers Session at Trustee Fair.,

Thanks for coming to see us and helping us to work our way through the governance star, you were very easy to work with and I like your positivity. This is something that should help to make our board development session a real success

Chief Executive,

Tesse you bring leadership and governance to life. My board were reassured, informed and had such fun that we are committed to doing it again.

Chief Executive,

It really was very necessary to have someone neutral in the Chair. Many thanks

Chair of a board planning to merge,

I don’t know exactly what happened during that session. What I know was that there was a shift in our thinking! Keep doing the magic you do

Board member of a Foundation,

You worked with us to move our thinking by leaps and bounds. Your sensitivity, humour and in-depth knowledge of leadership were invaluable assets

Member of a senior management team,

You are a key asset for supporting me in my role. Your technical support is invaluable and your sense of humour is infectious for the whole team

Head of department,