Power of Feedback

Debra Allcock Tyler reflects on the power of feedback – “What is the point of saying something to somebody that they are not going to do anything about? Instinctively as a human being we assume feedback is going to be bad. As managers and as leaders, we have an enormous amount of power over other […]

Insights Focusing on Career Change

“Working with a coach is lovely. In that space a coach can really push and prod and poke, just like the journalist would, but in a much more supportive way. You can’t think your way into a career change, because at some point you get stuck. So much is shifting. This isn’t a kind of […]

Boundary Boss Review By Erin Randall and Tesse Akpeki

TesseTalks review on TesseReads “Boundary Boss“, written by Terri Cole – The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free, with special guest Erin Randall who is all about happy people doing great work. Boundaries really matter. In Boundary Boss, Cole models how people can connect with the appropriateness and benefits of […]

Life Changing – A Map to Happiness

Life changing can be achieved by a map to happiness. Jane Gunn points to a compass of North, East South and East and West with a link to personal and professional values. N in North, what we’re trying to do is to say, what’s going on Now? What is the immediate challenge? Essential, even if […]

Dreams and Triumph

Dreams can become a reality. The dream you hold is what bears fruit. Tenacity and patience can make a difference to stay with our intention. Shortlisted three times for the Championship Award , for Tesse Akpeki, it is third time lucky. She has been crowned Champion for Governance 2023 by the Chartered Governance Institute for […]

Brown Girl In The Ring

“Brown Girl in the Ring came from a place of desperation” says Olukemi Ogunyemi. “Though my recollections are pretty harsh, the memoirs reflect my reality. All of us were in some kind of pain. People feel judged sometimes when you ask them to change something without any understanding of why they could consider doing so. […]

Power Of Transformation

A Refreshing Take On Transformations Stephen Sidebottom brings a refreshing take on transformations: “ People are actually extraordinarily adaptable. The idea that people don’t like change is, I think fundamentally false. What I think is true is that organizations don’t like change. The construct people are asked to operate is rigid and fixed, and the […]

The Great Revitalization

“I asked an audience what they are passionate about just before the pandemic. Then as well as now, they admitted running the hamster wheel so fast that they have lost complete touch as to who they are, what matters to them, and what they want for themselves in the world. When we can create workplaces […]

Elements Making a Difference

How can elements make a difference? Erin Randall explains how. “Magnesium” is work each person is going to be doing towards crafting better things. Each voice is a voice of a system. What does this system need now? Ad Meliora means to better things. The catalytic question is “what do I want to create? “ […]

Life Without a Tie, Finding Your Path

Ray Martin, author of “ Life Without A Tie, Finding Your Path Amidst the Noise, Chaos, and Pressure to Conform “ says – “I won the Daily Telegraph Business Leader of the Year award, so I had public recognition. So I had all the trimmings and trappings of success. But I have to say that […]