Tesse Talks

A humorous expression of insight, knowledge, foresight and wisdom
Tesse Talks brings management and governance perspectives to life through personal and professional lenses.  Our guests are thought leaders and practitioners  who show up honestly and courageously sharing their opinions, experiences and views with humour and verve.   Tesse Talks lightens your day, bringing a smile to your face and practical strategies, tools, tips and techniques.  A win-win for listeners, we pass no judgement on your struggles, challenges or concerns.  Our intention is offering a hand up and a spotlight through.   Better still, get in touch if you wish to be a guest!

Released Episode
07  Sep  2023 Power Of Transformation Download
19  Jul  2023 The Great Revitalization Download
22  Jun  2023 Elements Making a Difference Download
10  May  2023 Life Without a Tie, Finding Your Path Download
26  Apr  2023 Boundaries and Accountabilities Download
28  Mar  2023 All That Matters Download
16  Mar  2023 Gifted with Grief Download
16  Feb  2023 From Burnout to Best Life Download
26  Jan  2023 Dance of Co-Leadership Download
15  Dec  2022 Get On The Bull-Unavoidable Failure Download
08  Dec  2022 Forward Facing Podcast Planning Ahead Download
11  Nov  2022 Fresh Solutions New Challenges Download
01  Sep  2022 The Lens That Make A Difference Download
29  Jul  2022 Connecting my Different Worlds Download
24  Jun  2022 Mastery: Ego Coaching Transitions Download
02  Jun  2022 From Acting to Leading Download
27  Apr  2022 Finding Your Voice Download
20  Apr  2022 An Assured Unitary Governance Model Download
07  Apr  2022 Our Entrepreneurship Spirit Download
18  Mar  2022 The Light in Your Eyes Download
08  Mar  2022 Lost In Wonder Download
09  Feb  2022 How Leaders and Teams can avoid Burnout Download
12  Jan  2022 How I landed my dream job Download
23  Dec  2021 Agile Transformations Download
17  Dec  2021 Celebrating Tony Download
08  Dec  2021 Leadership through a Creative Lens Download
13  Oct  2021 Soaring through Analytic Coaching Download
05  Oct  2021 Compassionate Accountability Download
15  Sep  2021 Self-care is not weakness - it is being human. Download
01  Sep  2021 The Space Between Black And White Download
16  Aug  2021 Design Thinking - Melody Song Download
04  Aug  2021 When Standing Out is About Standing In! Download
21  Jul  2021 Our Capsule Environment Download
13  Jul  2021 It's All About Love - Nadine Robson Download
18  Jun  2021 TesseTalks Meets TesseLeads Download
04  Jun  2021 Sarah Giles - Awesome You Download
20  May  2021 Future Focus-Wellbeing and Resilience Download
05  May  2021 Not Done Yet - the Value Of Aging Download
21  Apr  2021 Perfectly Imperfect - It Starts with Action Download
02  Apr  2021 Creative Thinking That Transforms Download
18  Mar  2021 The Value of Knowledge - Jason J Briggs. Download
03  Mar  2021 Keeping momentum In an Ever Changing Environment Download
10  Feb  2021 Our Tony is dead Download
03  Feb  2021 Achieving Results In Unpredictable Times Download
13  Jan  2021 Carol Weisman-Onboarding Practices and Boards Download
26  Dec  2020 Debra Allcock Tyler - It's A Battle on the Board Download
14  Dec  2020 A Tribute to Maggie Johnson Download
11  Dec  2020 Tesse Talks with Laura Gates Download
24  Nov  2020 Tesse Talks Launches Download