Carol Weisman-Onboarding Practices and Boards

Carol Weisman

Carol Weisman, president of Board Builders gives tips about Onboarding practices, strategies, techniques and tools that enable boards to be effective, efficient and better able to meet their mission. Given that Carol has served on 40 Boards and has been president of 9, she knows a thing or two about what boards need.

Carol heralds the importance of Onboarding practices to raise awareness of individual and collective board roles. Currently most boards are meeting digitally, Carol projects that this will continue and probably a hybrid model will emerge where boards meet using technology and have in person meetings at least once or twice a year. While these times have thrown up lots of challenges Weisman stresses there are opportunities as well.

Relationships have improved as organisations, chief executives and board members work better together, are clearer about their priorities and focus more appropriately on their mission and the impact they want to make.

I have had the pleasure of working with Carol in three continents and can testify that her ideas translate universally. She loves people, processes and governance, serving nonprofits with tons of knowledge, common sense and humour. This podcast is testament to her brilliance and her humility.