Not Done Yet – the Value Of Aging

The value of aging is a topic Bonnie Marcus touches on frequently. Paula. and I talk with her about “Not done yet – the value of aging”. Bonnie reminds us that we need to be mindful of our own bias and our beliefs that may sabotage the life that we want to have. “Age-ism happens, […]

People’s Precious Lives Matter

“People’s Precious Lives Matter” says Steve Morris, Vicar of St Cuthbert’s, North Wembley “I made a decision when I became a Vicar that I actually would not cover up the fact that I’ve had problems in the past, sometimes with depression and anxiety, I just wasn’t. I was going to be honest about it, cause […]

Perfectly Imperfect – It Starts with Action

Fellow podcaster Presence Plumb whose podcast , “It starts with Action”, draws on The acronym for ACTION – Awareness, Confidence, Tenacity, Intention, Openness and Now (Presence) is our guest today. Being Perfectly Imperfect, Presence admits that fear of failure and fear of success has held her back. Her proudest moments have been showing vulnerability and […]

When It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

20 year old Presence Plumb inspired Tesse and Paula as she talked about when ” it is ok not to be ok.” Presence Plumb launched her podcast “It Starts with Action” in a spirit of curiosity and an intention to bring about change. Presence charts her journey from the United Kingdom where she was born […]

Creative Thinking That Transforms

Tesse and Paula talk with serial entrepreneur David Taylor-Klaus about Creative Leadership and the Thinking that Transforms. We can see creative thinking that transforms in this statement – “I celebrate even the harshest critiques and I hold and support people with amazing strength as they walk through their darkest night. My strength and my power […]

The Magic of Thinking and Transformation

Our guest today is David Taylor-Klaus  and we will be talking about Experiencing the Magic of Thinking and Transformation. David Taylor-Klaus (DTK) in a spirit of vulnerability, authenticity and high level of self-awareness, shares with #TesseLeads his relationship with depression, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, high levels of anxiety, limiting self-belief, workaholism and inappropriate diet. REWIRE […]

The Value of Knowledge – Jason J Briggs

Jason J Briggs tells #TesseTalks the value of knowledge and the importance of robust debate, having alternative ways of listening to views you don’t agree with and keeping an open mind that can strengthen decision making. Jason’s topic shows how vulnerability and authenticity make for a successful and authentic organization.  Board members excel when they […]

Lisa Richards – Resilience Finding Hope

Our guest  Lisa Richards talks about Resilience and finding Hope. Lisa shares stories of loss and courage to give comfort to those who mourn.   May those who have loved and lost be comforted.  We all suffer loss and experience grief in different ways.  Life happens as we lose people through death.  Covid-19 has snatched people […]

Keeping Momentum In an Ever Changing Environment

In this episode, ” Keeping Momentum In an Ever Changing Environment”, Andy Martin – an enterprise client partner for Franklin Covey Europe, builds on his thoughts on Achieving Results in Unpredictable Times. Andy encourages us to show up as our best self every day to set up a winnable and compellable game. A habit of […]

After Tony Died

After Tony died – TesseLeads was birthed.  He left a pathway to encourage, support and build up others. My relationship with my brother was special. I was privileged to have him as a friend, a coach, a mentor and a role model.  Tony was passionate about how we treat others.   He crafted a place of […]