The Magic of Thinking and Transformation

David Taylor-Klaus and Experiencing the Magic of Thinking and Transformation

Our guest today is David Taylor-Klaus  and we will be talking about Experiencing the Magic of Thinking and Transformation.

David Taylor-Klaus (DTK) in a spirit of vulnerability, authenticity and high level of self-awareness, shares with #TesseLeads his relationship with depression, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, high levels of anxiety, limiting self-belief, workaholism and inappropriate diet.


“It has not been easy to rewire my thinking, it is a day to day, step by step journey of discovery (or rediscovery) but it is in leaning to the pain and struggle that I have been able to get there, have a mindset that transforms my thinking and my life and embrace the choices and the gifts that are purposeful and meaningful.  Yet there was a time when I almost threw it away.”   David acknowledges that it was in hitting rock bottom that he found himself, there was simply no other way to go. “

David’s honesty, openness and transparency with his journey, what it took to win the war against self-limiting beliefs makes him the ideal role model for others, including myself. 

We are enabled and supported to have the confidence that we can change our mindset and change our lives for the better.  In confronting his inner demons and embracing the love of his wife, Elaine and family, DTK found himself.   He realised that his healing place was within himself.  His noble purpose, identity and core belief come from within and not from the opinion or recognition of others, extrinsic benchmarks, fake currencies of economic success or external forces.   Yet this simple truth took many years of tears and fears to embrace, execute and implement. 

In illuminating his struggles, his pitfalls, his griefs and his pain, David tells a very human story and reminds us that we are never alone.  A life long learner, David reminds us that  it is in caring, sharing, compassion  and in kindness we can find ourselves and find others

“We should take an active, intentional and dynamic role in our private and personal lives with intention and attention. “