The Watchword for Effective Governance is Openness and Accountability

Watchword for Effective Governance

Is the watchword for Effective Governance Openness and Accountability?

Realistically this boils down to engagement – two way communication that celebrates successes and demonstrates willingness to learn from mistakes. The foundation to this vibrant interaction is trust.  This creates Effective Governance. This also helps with Openness and Accountability.

Principle 7 of the Charity Governance Code is so relevant. Key to this is a clarity about ways members can participate in the charity’s governance, serve on committees or be elected as trustees.

7 Building blocks for openness and accountability

1.Developing a culture of opened means the board gets regular feedback about complaints.

2.There must be a well publicised and timely process for handling complaints

3.The board maintains a register of interest.

4.The board systematically sets the remuneration of senior staff and the chief executive in a transparent manner.

5.The charity communicated and consults effectively with stakeholders and has a strategy for doing so.

6.The charity takes into account the views of members on key issues

7.The organisation works out what can win and sustain trust and takes these on board. In the spirit of learning from what can go wrong, the board needs to learn from mistakes and do everything possible to restore trust.

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