Tesse Talks On Gratitude

TesseTalks On Gratitude

During a challenging year, Tesse has experienced the kindness, care and compassion of colleagues, clients, friends and family. The kindness of strangers has warmed her heart and comforted her at times of darkness and sadness.  She has been able to carry on doing what she loves most, serve people, serve the community, and support her family.  Her sense of belonging has been enhanced by the acknowledgement, appreciation and affirmation she has received during a challenging time.

In recognition of her perseverance and her energy for excellence of first class service, knowledge and thought leadership she has been spotlighted for Black History Month and shortlisted for the Governance Champion of the Year.  

The Governance Champion of the Year award recognises someone who is a visionary, opens doors, creates ‘the new’ , is an evangelist, inspiring and challenging others.   This person drives and pushes for recognition for others and their profession.  This person leads by example, advocating and demonstration through their behaviours the value of good governance.  They have the personal touch, bringing in new talent, nurturing and helping others to flourish.  This person won’t be ignored and will make a noise and stand up for what is right, making a significant and positive impact upon other people and upon the organisations they serve.  

This award is aimed to show appreciation, recognition and affirming of  these qualities and hopefully enable, inspire and motivate others around them even more! 

With Gratitude and thanks, Tesse acknowledges she would not be where she is without the love, support, encouragement and care of others.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you