Renee Reisch – My Personal Story

Renee Reisch’s  personal story is honest and vulnerable. Thoughts about care, compassion, and kindness soak through Renee’s  voice.   “Showing kindness, compassion and caring  to yourself is not selfish, it’s selfless.  It is not possible to pour from an empty cup.  You need to fill your own cup for and then pour from the overflow.  Sometimes we need to go within, rather […]

Amazing Coach Max Ekesi

Today we celebrate an amazing coach – Max Ekesi. “I put myself in other people’s shoes” recounts Max.  Empathy is speaking to courage and boldness and forgiveness and the capacity to be agile and to diversify.  I learned to navigate those different cultures.”  He connects multi-generationally across the generational gaps..  Max fosters an understanding and […]

More Lights More Action

Leadership Lessons from Fame I have just been to see the stage show “Fame” celebrating Fame 1988. A pop culture phenomenon, Fame means just as much today as it did back in the 80’s. It presents the perfect platform to deliver a story to a diverse audience. In the face of trials, tribulations and self-discovery, […]

Make Minutes Count

The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) has published a new guidance note on minute taking.   The guidance rather than being prescriptive is principle based offering suggestions that are tailored to each organisation.   The purpose of minutes is to provide an accurate, impartial and balanced internal record of the business transacted at a meeting. […]

Influencing Others by Influencing Ourselves

I have been reflecting on the awesome work of William Ury,  co-author of the classic bestseller on negotiation ‘ Getting to Yes ’ and author of ‘ Getting past No ‘. William notes that the Three “ahas” or discoveries that have been life changing: 1. The power of a guiding question:  a guiding question that remains […]

More Effective Leadership

The Impact of Time to Think for more Effective Leadership In today’s fast moving environment we hardly have time to think or even breathe! Decisions can be made quickly with very little discussion, deliberation or debate. However decisions that have a big impact and long term consequences need more space for consideration, intentionality and purposefulness. […]

Where Is the Love?

Four Simple Tips to Telling our Story It was a wonderful experience attending the will i am concert.  What stood out for me the most was how he shared his noble goal.   One of the goals he shares is to support young people across the world, particularly those who could do with a platform, an […]