Is Your Board Behaving?

Culture is a critical component of good governance.  Tesse Akpeki explains.   Leadership values the importance of collegiality, #trust, #confidence and #connection in building #effectiveboards in the UK through appropriate conduct.   Culture is a strong enabler in this regard, underpinning fundamental values, attitudes and behaviours. The #CharityGovernanceCode stresses that an effective board makes sure that […]

Conflict, Leadership and How to Win

Going for Win Win Solutions Much of leadership is about relationship building.   It helps to see the other person’s point of view. Focus on the other person and to be interested in them. If you are interested you will never run out of questions and conversation especially if you genuinely care about the answers. It is […]

Culture Of Conflict – Part 2

Bridging those really sticky situations Listening can be more tiring than talking. Yet it is listening and listening well that builds stronger and healthier relationships. Even positive and constructive relationships can be riddled by tension and conflict.   Sometimes these can be interpersonal, but they may be indicative of systemic, structural or cultural difficulties. Nine Steps […]