Reimaging the Future

It is hard to imagine what the future will be like with so much change around us on a daily basis.   It is really human be afraid, to be fearful of the unknown and even more difficult to admit to not knowing.  As leaders people come to us for answers and look to us for reassurance and affirmation that things will be ok.  Yet we are not in a position to offer the certainty  they crave.

What we can do is to model the leadership which says ‘I don’t know and together we will find a way forward’.  We can offer structure, a planned framework which is flexible and agile,  We can create psychological safety for ourselves and others, building trust and confidence, based on our values and our vulnerability.

To ourselves we can admit that it is  ok not to be ok.  These are turbulent times and some how collectively we have got to find oasis of hope and be confident that like all things, this will soon past.   In the words of Maya Angelo

“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space.  Invite one to stay”