Excluded and Leadership

When I got a ticket to see ” Excluded ” put together by Intermission Youth Theatre I was not prepared for the impact it would have on me. The actors brought the words of Shakespeare to life. They love Shakespeare and so do I. Excluded is a mash up of different Shakespeare characters in a class room. Through the lens of the Shakespearean characters we see the intersection of broken dreams, tensions, tempers, dashed promises, distant hopes, harassment, bullying and yes, murder.

It is troubling that the tragedies of Shakespeare are alive and real today at William High. Miss Portia battles to navigate this class into the next chapter of their lives.When Cassius leads a conspiracy to bring Caesar down, the lives of these inter city London youth are changed forever. The acting is superb.

The message to leaders like Miss Portia is in stepping in, stepping up and stepping out, lives are changed. Leaders make sacrifices, they engage, connect, support and mentor others and this can come at a cost.

‘Excluded’ spells out that cost and how much it is actually worth. Resilience is built, but in what way?

Shakespeare’s words say it all.