Creating Clarity – Being Meaningful and Purposeful

Creating Clarity Being Meaningful & Purposeful

When have you felt that you have made a significant contribution?
When have you felt highly engaged? When have you felt that you need to be in control?
What happens if you feel you are dealing with a variety of unknowns?

Reflecting on answers to these questions would steer you towards when and how you can find meaning. In this VUCA world, coming to grips with uncertainty and ambiguity Is key in creating new  possibilities and opportunities.  VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.

What actions can you take to create purpose?

Good questions can frame actions:

1.     What are you learning now that may be helpful to someone else and will help you achieve your goals?
2.    How do you forward with courage and openness in the face of the unknowns you are experiencing?
3.    How do you shape more accurate measures of success or impact (these may be qualitative as well as quantitative)?
4.    Ask how can ’ I’  celebrate my achievement personally and professionally as ‘I’ perform on a different stage.