A tribute to Jane Slowey – An awesome Leader Gone Too Soon

I had the absolute pleasure to meet and work with Jane Slowey.  An absolutely amazing woman, she was a great leader.   I learnt so much from Jane.  She was reliable, intelligent, empathetic, compassionate, knowledgeable and wise.  Jane taught me the practicalities of being task focused and people focused.  Her style was clear, consistent, coherent and firm.   She was approachable, assessable, fair and firm.   I am so happy and grateful to have met Jane Slowey.  Jane opened my mind to possibilities.  Nothing was impossible with the right resources, the right approach and the right mind set to looking, listening and learning.   The last time we met she was looking forward to retirement and we began to explore ways of keeping in touch and engaged with each other.  She lived life to the full, caring for and nurturing talent.  I shall miss her so very much.  I will cherish her memories and her legacy, she will forever be in my consciousness as an authentic leader who held care, compassion, empathy and impact in balance.