Relationship Management

Relationship Management  deals with Facilitated Meetings, Coaching, Mentoring and Mediation

Building relationships

Good relationships are vital to getting things done and become more critical when success is dependent on others. I work with leaders and teams to develop and maintain healthy relationships in a way that is of mutual benefit to all involved.  Collaboration, cooperation and partnerships go a long way in strengthening cohesion and encouraging unity.  Building trust is at the core of building, maintaining and sustaining relationships.  Behaviours, mindsets, appropriate values  and clear communication  also help in making healthy relationships viable.

Dealing with conflict

Conflict is inescapable. Even for people who shy away from confrontation. As we go through life, we inevitably encounter people with whom we will have conflict

I use relationship management approaches to work with my clients to deal with conflict and tensions wisely and to shape a culture where conflict can be productive rather than reductive.