Perfectly Imperfect – It Starts with Action

Fellow podcaster Presence Plumb whose podcast , “It starts with Action”, draws on The acronym for ACTION – Awareness, Confidence, Tenacity, Intention, Openness and Now (Presence) is our guest today. Being Perfectly Imperfect, Presence admits that fear of failure and fear of success has held her back. Her proudest moments have been showing vulnerability and […]

Creative Thinking That Transforms

Tesse and Paula talk with serial entrepreneur David Taylor-Klaus about Creative Leadership and the Thinking that Transforms. We can see creative thinking that transforms in this statement – “I celebrate even the harshest critiques and I hold and support people with amazing strength as they walk through their darkest night. My strength and my power […]

The Value of Knowledge – Jason J Briggs

Jason J Briggs tells #TesseTalks the value of knowledge and the importance of robust debate, having alternative ways of listening to views you don’t agree with and keeping an open mind that can strengthen decision making. Jason’s topic shows how vulnerability and authenticity make for a successful and authentic organization.  Board members excel when they […]

Keeping Momentum In an Ever Changing Environment

In this episode, ” Keeping Momentum In an Ever Changing Environment”, Andy Martin – an enterprise client partner for Franklin Covey Europe, builds on his thoughts on Achieving Results in Unpredictable Times. Andy encourages us to show up as our best self every day to set up a winnable and compellable game. A habit of […]

Our Tony is dead

Our Tony is dead but his inspiration, energy and leadership lives on. Tony Akpeki, my beloved brother was a visionary, easily the face of love, gentleness and care. . He believed that if there was a vision, a will, connection, empathy and commitment everything is possible. He gave people a sense of power with kindness, […]

Achieving Results In Unpredictable Times

Achieving results in unpredictable times means having an effective leader like Andy Martin, enterprise client partner for Franklin Covey Europe. Andy sees potential in someone so clearly that the person sees the potential in themselves. The requirement is for individuals to be willing to engage and be open to change. Environments will change. “The principle of […]

Carol Weisman-Onboarding Practices and Boards

Carol Weisman, president of Board Builders gives tips about Onboarding practices, strategies, techniques and tools that enable boards to be effective, efficient and better able to meet their mission. Given that Carol has served on 40 Boards and has been president of 9, she knows a thing or two about what boards need. Carol heralds […]

Debra Allcock Tyler – It’s A Battle on the Board

Debra Allcock Tyler talks about her new book ” It’s a Battle On the Board: The No Fibbing Guide for Trustees “. Tesse and Paula ask Debra about understanding the trustee role, working with fellow trustees, working with the CEO, dealing with information and finance, the psychology of decision-making, managing risk and handling crisis. Debra […]

A Tribute to Maggie Johnson

Tesse Akpeki pays tribute to Maggie Johnson- a gentle, kind, compassionate leader who passed recently after a brave battle with cancer. In this special episode, co host Paula Okonneh asks Tesse to share with listeners  who Maggie was and how she lived life so that they are able to see Maggie in the eyes of Tesse. […]

Tesse Talks with Laura Gates

Tesse Akpeki and co host Paula Okonneh talk with Laura Gates about Leading with Purpose, Collective Genius in teams, finding our zone of genius, and leading through chaos and crisis. CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO HEAR MORE