Conflict Can be Harnessed

Conflict  should not be denied. Denying conflict does more harm than good. According to Tesse conflict can have positive effects on boards.  By acknowledging  tensions & working out what needs to be done to resolve these challenges boards can grow. She talks about developing  concrete steps  in this video and smoothing out disruptive wrinkles that tend to […]

The Critical Friend – to keep or to forget?

Evidence shows that criticism is helpful provided it is constructive.   For even greater effect, encouragement should go hand in hand with criticism. The environment for everyone should be nurturing and supportive. So why are critics sometimes perceived as being not so helpful? Critics point out what is wrong and can leave others feeling bad about […]

The Culture of Conflict – Part 2

Bridging those really sticky situations We have two ears and one mouth.  In listening well we can build stronger, sustainable and healthier relationships.  Why listening can be more tiring than talking? Even positive and constructive relationships can be riddled by tension and conflict.   These can be interpersonal,  indicative of systemic, structural,  cultural difficulties or a […]