Conflict Can be Harnessed

Conflict  should not be denied. Denying conflict does more harm than good. According to Tesse conflict can have positive effects on boards.  By acknowledging  tensions & working out what needs to be done to resolve these challenges boards can grow. She talks about developing  concrete steps  in this video and smoothing out disruptive wrinkles that tend to […]

Governing and Diversity – The Board’s Approach to Diversity

“ The board’s approach to diversity supports its effectiveness, leadership and decision making” – Principle 6 of  the  Charity Governance Code  . This brand new principle was recently published. It goes on to say that boards whose trustees have different backgrounds and experiences are more likely to engage in debate and to make better decisions. Diverse boards […]

The Role of Chairs in Managing Difficult Board Dynamics

According to recent guidance produced by the Association of Chairs, chairs play a critical role in setting the tone and leading by example. As dynamics is about people, the effective chair draws on high levels of emotional intelligence in dealing with varying motivations and disparate characters on the board.   Such a chair manages the board […]

8 Tips to Building an Effective Board

Principle 5: Board effectiveness of Charity Governance Code states that “the board works as an effective team, using the appropriate balance of skills, experience, backgrounds and knowledge to make informed decisions. The tone the board sets through its leadership, behaviour, culture and overall performance is critical to the charity’s success”. The Code advocates a rigourous […]

Poor Digital Experiences can be Costly

It is no longer an option.   Poor digital experiences can be costly. Poor web performers influence consumer behaviour.     A recent study by Apica reports that sixty percent of consumers feel less loyal to brands after having a poor app or website experience. Over 80%  of those would tell their friends about that negative experience.   Almost […]

Helping Charities with Recruitment

ICSA publishes guidance to help charities with recruitment The ICSA guidance was written to provide those responsible for or involved in the governance of a charity with detailed information on how to recruit and appoint charity trustees. ‘As the Charity Governance Code (2017) states, every charity should be ‘headed by an effective board that provides […]