Highlighting the lessons from COVID-19

Highlighting the lessons from COVID-19:  Charity Commission Annual Public Meeting

These are tough times for charities. The Charity Commission shared that Covid has not changed the main challenge that the sector faces, but exposed that challenge much more clearly. “We must learn from this experience and convert those lessons into opportunities to build back better”.  This involves more  humility and accountability.  Charity is more about standards, less about structures.  Charitable structures must remain modern and fit for purpose.   People with different ideas and  outlooks challenge each other in finding the best and most effective way of delivering a charity’s purpose while meeting public expectations. This entails of being welcoming of all people and ensuring the purpose they were set up to serve sits at the heart of their world.  Standards matter because motives matter.   Some charities may need to retain, and in some cases regain broad, diverse public support says Baroness Stowell.