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Board Responsibilities – A snapshot

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Board responsibility

Nature of the board’s approach to this responsibility:

The board could improve its approach by:

Specific action (s) you think should be taken to implement the improvement

Determine the organisation’s mission,  vision and values
Engage in strategic planning
Formulate needed policies
Approve and monitor the organisation’s  operations and projects
Ensure adequate financial resources
Provide effective fiscal oversight and ensure sound risk management
Appraise and support the CEO and agree his remuneration and the remuneration of the Executive
Understand and respect the relationship between Council and Executive
Act as a responsible employer
Enhance the board’s  public image
Carefully select and induct new trustees
Carry out council’s business efficiently
Review the effectiveness of Council
Fundraising encourages public trust and confidence and is carried out lawfully


List up to three issues you believe the board should focus its attention on in the next  year (please be as specific as possible)




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