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It’s a Battle on the Board (Foreward by Tesse Akpeki FCG)

Being knowledgeable and experienced as a trustee is important, but having the ability to interact effectively with fellow board members, that is where good governance really starts. Get it wrong and, very quickly, you’ve got a battle on the board.

A sample chapter from Its a Battle on the Board gives a flavour of what makes this book an essential tool for any board. Visit DSC to purchase  Its a Battle on the Board

Debra Allcock Tyler’s approach to this challenging subject is characteristically engaging as she adopts a different ABBA tune as the theme for each chapter. Frank and real-life examples firmly to the fore, she mixes leadership theory with practical advice delivered straight from the shoulder.

What does it cover?

It includes:

  • Understanding the trustee role
  • Working with fellow trustees and the CEO
  • Compliance and regulation
  • Dealing with information and understanding the money
  • The psychology of decision-making
  • Managing risk and handling crisis

So, if you are a trustee or about to become one, you will benefit from the insights and hard-won wisdom distilled in this book. If you want to be the dancing queen (or king) of good governance and avoid a waterloo for your charity, then this book is for you.

Who is this book for?

Newly baked and established trustees and CEOs striving for harmony on the board. Also valuable for senior managers.

‘A book with a difference. It recognises that self-awareness and emotional, social and cultural intelligence are at the core of exemplary leadership.’

 Tesse Akpeki, Fellow of the Chartered Governance Institute, Organisational Health and Person-centred Consultant and Founder of the Wellbeing, Leadership and Resilience Leadership initiative (from the Foreword)


‘Good governance is about more than process – it’s also about people. This book “written by a human being for human beings”, helps us put trust back into trustee relationships.’