Tom Lawson – Diversity and Why It Matters

Tom Lawson - Diversity and why it matters


This article by Tom Lawson on Diversity and Why it Matters makes an exceptionally good read.

The Charity Governance Code has added a new principle – Diversity.  Principle 6 of the Code recommends that ‘the board’s approach to diversity supports its effectiveness, leadership and decision.   The rationale is that this in the widest sense is essential to say informed and responsive to navigate the fast-paced and complex changes facing the voluntary sector.

A recommended practice is that boards encourage inclusive and accessible participation.  Part of this is that the board makes a positive effort to remove, reduce or prevent obstacles to people being trustees, allocating budgets where necessary.  Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive of Leap Confronting Conflict makes a powerful, passionate and reasoned argument for charity Chief Executives to lead the board in this direction.