Poor Digital Experiences can be Costly

Poor Digital Experiences can be Costly

It is no longer an option.   Poor digital experiences can be costly. Poor web performers influence consumer behaviour.     A recent study by Apica reports that sixty percent of consumers feel less loyal to brands after having a poor app or website experience.

Over 80%  of those would tell their friends about that negative experience.   Almost 40% of digital users abandon pages that are unresponsive after 10 seconds.  11% won’t wait even five seconds for the pages to load. Alarmingly, 73% of people let down online are likely to turn to competitors.

The survey revealed that even maintenance on websites and apps can be problematic.  You have to be adequate in communicating the messages about maintenance. 13% expect 100% up-time, 54% of respondents were willing to wait as long as an hour.  Consumers demand more and forgive less.


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