Leadership Learning Action Sets  

Monday 24 September 2018

Phenomenal You : Leading for Success

Venue: London

Arrival: 9.30 – Tea/coffee

10-1.15pm: An organisational perspective; steps to success

  • Leading in your organisation: inspiring others and leading with impact
  • Secrets of leading for success – working as a unit and creating conditions for success
  • Sustaining leadership: Servant/humble leadership
  • The value of “followship”
  • Change and how to survive it – being sure of a better tomorrow: Resilience and dealing with uncertainty
  • Leader as coach
  • Coaching for success
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance

1.15 -2pm – Lunch

2pm – 5pm: A personal perspective; steps to success

Yourself as leader: positioning yourself for sustained sucess

  • Leading your team: inspiring yourself and winning trust
  • Yourself as team member
  • Embracing and enhancing your strengths
  • Acknowledging fatal flaws and making the adjustments to enhance effectiveness
  • Minimising the impact of weaknesses
  • Dealing with adversity and challenges
  • Yourself as coach
  • Leadership Hacks: Self management and self assessment – leading yourself; protecting and nurturing your performance

5-6: Networking

Resources and refreshments provided

What you will get:

  1. Thought leadership: Latest thinking and trends in leadership
  2. Coaching techniques for enhanced performance
  3. Action learning with peers (strength and depth)
  4. Signposting to relevant resources

Cost: £125 per person

Steps to Success and accomplishment: leading yourself, your people and your organisation

Tuesday 25 September 2018: 10.00 – 16.00pm

Arrival: 9.30 – Tea/coffee

10-1.15pm: An organisational perspective:   your lens

Enhancing Your Presence

  • Delightful transformations –Digital You: Digital resilience – your brand on social media (twitter, Instagram, linkedin et al)
  • Enhancing your profile – steps you can take
  • Compassionate Leadership – strengthening mutual learning and trust
  • Cracking the egg – having those delicate, sensitive and sticky conversations – what helps?
  • Designing your tool kit – the 4 Ms (Methods, Means, Management and Measurement)
  • Relatable? Compassionate? Engaging – crafting relationships for effect and influence
  • Enablers for success – simplicity, elegance and impact – Virtues, values, vision
  • Navigating your way – Utilising your talent, strengthening your network

1.15 -2pm – Lunch

2pm –4pm: A very personal take; steps to success

  • Dealing with difficult behaviour – what can be done to learn from crisis and failure
  • Respectable and personal engagement. Ego management – fragile egos, over and under inflated egos. Improving our eco system. Feeling fulfilled
  • Biases – how they can hinder progress – helping coping techniques
  • Maximising value – Coaching for success – enhancing performance
  • Not without controversy – dealing with issues as they unfold
  • Making the most effective use of our resources. What do you really want?
  • The power of presence – sustainable improvements and success: Practical tips, hints and strategies – your takeaway toolkit.

4-5pm: Networking

What you will get:

  1. Thought leadership: Latest thinking and trends in leadership
  2. Coaching techniques for enhanced performance
  3. Action learning with peers (strength and depth)
  4. Tips to keep grounded – knowing how and when to respond (not react)
  5. Signposting to relevant resources

“I found your session extremely interesting and uplifting! You have so much energy!” (participant)

Cost: £125 per person (Resources and refreshments provided)

“I was somewhat sceptical about the value of action learning and coaching. Working with Tesse changed all that. I felt inspired, better equipped, more motivated and able to be the leader that I am becoming (Leader)”

To book email tesse@tesseakpeki.com

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